AI and Technology in Event Industry

AI and Technology in Event Industry

The world is moving ahead and the technological advancement has grown to help the human workforce to make the most of it. To keep up with the times, both consumers and businesses need to stay appraised of the latest best practices.

Each one of us has always been fascinated by the idea of inanimate objects suddenly coming to life. But only recently has technology allowed us to act on such projects.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans.

There are many annual AI Conferences organised around the world to educate people on the advancement in this field which has been booming recently, like GITEX Global.  Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include: Speech Recognition. Learning and Planning. These events focus on bringing out the true sense of Artificial Intelligence by creating an AI-enriched environment for people to actually see what it does.

Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) is an annual event sponsored by Microsoft, Logitech, and other large brands, AMLD brings together some of the brightest minds in AI technology from many diverse backgrounds.

Facial recognition is one of the tools which doesn’t just limit itself to security of data but for is quite in trend for more efficient registration process which helps you maintain and take your database further and discover new touch points, to help you as an organiser in future and be helpful after correct analysis of the same.

The ability to support such tech tools like facial recognition makes venues more interactive for attendees to explore and attracts people, the most important, clients. The technology also allows automation at certain access points, which means lower manpower requirements and lower costs. 

For databases, cyber-security is a good play over for the new in trend management system which needs to be kept safe.

The Artificial technology is no more limited to logistics but has enriched the added user-experience field too. The story-telling was indeed a good move to engage the crowd but trust me, it gets better.

With varied application of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), the organisers have successfully nailed the art of bringing the conversations in reality to the floors. The content has a wider aspect and accelerates the process of analysing as visuals work better when it comes to analytical thinking, opening up more ways to approach a topic.

While only seen in conferences that were featured in the breath-taking sci-fictional movies, believe it or not the 3-D imaging is available in market and ready to use. An augmented reality technology called projection mapping can create excitement and engagement. Videos, graphics, animation, and other creative content are projected onto any surface, turning everyday structures into vibrant, interactive 3D displays.

Such technology not only saves the labour of building the displays you wanted in the first place, crafted with perfection but also projects your pickup for technological advancement, with this amusing fit.

 To take you beyond the vision, XR (Extended Reality, all real-and-virtual combined environments such as VR, AR and MR) immersive tech is everything. How XR can bring ROI and propel businesses forward and how to efficiently reveal the best applications of XR are common questions put forward by professionals. Answer to those entire questions lie in discovering the strategies to deliver an effective rollout, no matter what stage you’re at, the business application or industry vertical you work in.

Branded apps that redesign for the current event with live streaming and simultaneously connecting the users to various other social media applications is another very common technological tool at play to defeat the old-fashioned marketing and promotional activities by opening the highlights of the event to a wider crowd, taking not only your brand but also your stakeholders and sponsors to the platform where people start recognizing them for good.

With real-time notification and faster communication through similar application helps in each and every step of your planning and executing the event towards a successful tag.

These event-helping technologies have many factors to affect:

  1. Attract corporate clients and satisfies the existing clients with a new and creative approach to regular tasks with a twist of tech.
  2. Increases attendees’ inflow and helps in brand imaging for a wider crowd and also help pitch the VIPs and special guests.
  3. The cost of such tools is not that big of a hurt to your budget and will cover more than one field throughout the event.

Helps in making the work process efficient, easily accommodate the requests and take new notifications in a more organised way.

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