Many may debate strongly over the fact that face-to-face interaction or inperson meetings cannot be replaced using technology, the situation that the humankind is facing leaves us with no choice but to resort to solutions that we
have in front of us.

According to Market Research Media’s forecast, the worldwide virtual
conference market is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate
(CAGR) of 56% between 2010 and 2015 and to generate $18.6 billion revenues
over the same period.

With the recent lockdown situation, these numbers have sprung up due to the
existing tech support and inflow of more and more customers looking forward
to shifting things online.

Virtual events may seem like a big step to someone but it’s very easy
nowadays to set up and work with.


As an event planner, the finances are ultimately the biggest challenge to face.
All the money spent on a venue, setup, decoration, sound, and stage, and
obviously the staff is no longer needed in an online event. From dealing with
long receipts for bringing together an event on the field to actually tacking it all
online on saving a lot of money, it adds on as one of the benefits of online

All you need to spend on is a suitable platform, to broadcast your content and
ideas which has both, appealing interface for users and also a secure network
provision to work with.

Some of the top virtual event providers include Digitell, Evia, Intrado, ON24,
Zoom, GoToMeeting.

Investing in some quality equipment to help with the recording and voice
online is actually a long-term benefit, improving the whole experience. Virtual
events reduce cost per lead and maximize your ROI. Virtual events increase
your participation dramatically. Attendees don’t need to travel to attend the
event. It is extremely cost-effective for attendees in terms of travel costs,

accommodation costs. This enables more C -level executives to attend the


A virtual event is an excellent lead generating tool. It increases your audience
reach. It expands your audience to reach beyond a specific region. It increases
the audience by making the event more accessible, all one wants is a device
with running internet to join from any corner of the world.

It increases chances to involve higher professionals and convince to contribute
as a guest or speaker at your event with no long fights or commute to be, with
everything online, in the comfort of their home.


A virtual event is an effective platform to keep the consumer buying cycle
alive. Virtual Events provide almost unlimited reach and can be helpful to
clients or potential customers to achieve their goals by providing quality
content at their convenience. They can participate in the event without
disrupting their personal and work lives.

It opens a path to connecting overseas and interacting with people having
similar interests and working in similar fields. It helps grow an individual’s
network as an attendee, promotes business, and is an obvious marketing route
to a wider audience and potential clients.


The insight tools available at all the online platforms are worth a try because
once you try them, you definitely want to have a favorite among all. They help
you track your audience’s preferences and analyze data which it has been able
to process to tell you about their likes and dislikes, discomfort if any, and
ultimately real-time feedback through forms or any other fun activity. It tracks
down everything, from active hours of an attendee to live headcount.

This information not only helps you keep track of what is going on during a
currently active online event, but also enables you to work on user experience
over a particular field that needs to be worked on.
The forms not only get their recommendations and reviews but also help you
set up marketing campaigns like email brochures where you can ask them to

fill in email address when filling them. They help you save time and money
over other approaches for marketing and advertising upcoming events.


Online events don’t need much time and labour to get going. Simple tech
support and standard equipment are all you need. All the time consumed over
setting up an area as your venue is saved with easy and fast control over
several online areas\rooms. You can easily navigate and keep track of various
activities going on at any point by yourself.


In the end, a virtual event is quite flexible and easy to operate. This feature can
be really helpful, it solves crisis and helps to get in some opportunities in an
event, at any time. Online agendas can be altered and provide a wide range of
templates and aesthetics to choose from.

Keeping an event creative and engaging is the key to any successful one.
Through online portals not only can you please the eyes but also turn your
tech-savvy to showcase the creativity through various media options available.


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