Challenges in Event Management

Challenges in Event Management


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Planning an event is not an easy task. There are aspects of event planning that are difficult and even thrive on high pressure but with right approach, it can be fun. Many people thrive off the pressure involved in Events Management. To meet out end to end requirements is like trying to make apples to apples comparison between different proposals and bids. Every event professional is under constant stress throughout the execution of an event. Since no two events are similar, the process can be long, a little bumpy as planners attempt to balance brand and the sponsor’s interests. There can generally be a lot of moving parts and it can be hard to keep track of everything–it’s part of the good, the bad and the ugly of organizing successful programming no matter how long you’ve been in business.

The nature of the events industry means, that no matter how well you plan, how good you are at your job, things do go wrong. The event planners  don’t have enough time to plan and manage their events. As an event professional one can never feel like there’s enough time, those last minute mess and its arrangements and co-ordinations, time management and deadlines, tight budget, etc. it’s easy to get complacent or push things off. But when the event is looming, you’ve got to go on and on and amidst the stress, the chaos and the anticipation, the magic happens. One who is an event Pro., makes complications easy to execute, even if the groundwork is not laid down rightly, on the event day, dealing with glitches, a cool planner will spend some time getting the ducks in a row to ensure that everything is 100% well planned and all are set for action.

Equally stressful job to that of military personnel, soldiers, fire fighters, air pilots & police officers, the event management professional too is loaded with truckloads of work stress. Since clients will buy him as a person as much as his credentials with word-of-mouth recommendation, he should have eyes of a lynx to make sure even minor details will be noticed, so not to let any of the minor hiccups bog one down, he needs to have an innovative mind. In nutshell, an event planner has to do multitasking, should have likable personality, should be a people person, should have superhuman organisational skills, should be focused and execute each task to a high standard without ever dropping the ball. In the stressful situation, he needs to be honest with himself as well as with the client that, with the short lead time and more pressure how he can build required buzz to secure audience and about what he can deliver within the time frame with the allocated budget. How well an event planner professional is organised in this fast paced environment will be seen throughout the event with fewer fires to put out.

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