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FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organisation) is an export promotion organisation in India. The organisation is responsible for representing and assisting India entrepreneurs and exporters in foreign markets. FIEO represents the Indian entrepreneurs’ spirit of enterprise in the global market. This apex body of Indian export promotion organizations was set up jointly by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and private trade and industry in the year 1965. FIEO is thus a partner of the Government of India in promoting India’s exports.

GLOBAL NEXUS (from static2dynamic) managed this trade fair which was a three day program at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre (DAIC) New Delhi. It was organised for the first time in India and was a successful event. GLOBAL NEXUS made every moment vivid, imperishable, undying, eternal…in short memorable. Everything was well arranged and well organised which made the event successful, everyone was relished by the arrangements. And, everything comes with its due challenges and problems; GLOBAL NEXUS rose to those challenges with extra-ordinary and dedicated team and their spirit of enigmatic team work. And after all the hard work and great efforts, the exhibition ended up successfully with lots of happy faces with supreme satisfied clients. After all, GLOBAL NEXUS always assures you the best service.

It was when some discrepancies happened at the site among the venue managers and as a repercussion we were at a cusp of dismantling our stalls. But it was just the staunch efforts of the FIEO and Global Nexus team that brought all smiles back on each ones faces. When asked about the major concern while facing the problems, our event manager, Akhil Batra says, “It was not our loss that concerned us but the loss of the exhibitors and their products which they had brought for the exhibition”. With three sleepless nights, our managers again ensured their presence that entire night, and took the condition under control. But not only this, our team faced prevalent challenges and overcame them with great enthusiasm and soulful spirit.

When I went at FIEO, there were many stalls and from different parts of the country and with many variations. I just can’t say which one was the best as each stall was unique in its own way. One stall was having canvas made bags, pouches, slings and many more items. I guess that was a stall that attracted me the most. There were clothing stalls too, whose great fancy collection compelled our team to buy some products from those stalls. Perfumes, precious stones, footwear, bed covers, crockery and what not! All these remained a major attraction throughout the event. I guess FIEO Exhibition was the best place for a shopaholic person; one could get anything and everything from different parts of country under one roof.

Contentment of the client is the best business strategy of all. Our work is the presentation of our capabilities. A dedicated team brings out the best in every event. A minute inspection of every detailing is what the team strives to attain. Precise and matriculate thinking, executing and achieving are the key areas of any event management. Getting them all checked paves the way for the event to be a successful one. If it is a success, it forms a benchmark for the relationship with the client and elevates the possibility of a long term association. It is this alliance for perfection that keeps an event management company to gain repute and status.

GLOBAL NEXUS provides you the marvelous customer service with creative concepts of event. When you organise any event, you want it to be memorable, unique, flabbergasting and an awesome one all together. GLOBAL NEXUS helps you out with this problem and provides you an amazing and unforgettable event. Our company had executed over 1000s of successful events and we are happy that we have had great experiences! We work on a strategy wherein we never predict future; work in present with collective lessons from the past. We research and explore all aspects and verticals related to our event and thus ensure you the best results.

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