Virtual Wedding under the Lockdown

Virtual Wedding under the Lockdown

“You don’t marry the person you can live with—you marry the person you can’t live without.”

The pandemic extending its grip over more and more people every day, families no more want to wait for all of this to end. Nobody would have expected that the cut-down on the budget of lavish Indian weddings would be in such circumstances.

Nevertheless, there is a growing trend of online weddings or E-Weddings across the nation as the auspicious days or wedding season of the year approaches.

We not only witnessed but had this splendid opportunity to organise and plan such a wedding on the 26th of April 2020. The E-Wedding started around 11 am and both the families participated in the ceremony with great enthusiasm.

A digital invitation card was designed for the screening of the occasion and greetings were exchanged as hosts to commence the wedding. The guests were welcomed by the girl’s parents just like at any wedding. A video was prepared to show the journey of the couple-to-be, bride and bridegroom. The relatives were entertained with classic wedding jams to add the zing in the celebrations. The melodies turned in favour of one side as the bridegroom made his entry. The extravaganza was filled with bliss as the beautiful bride made her way to the online gathering.

The whole idea was to create an online simulation of the actual wedding, holding onto the essence of the actual thing and also making it easy to get along with it through proper planning and organising.

As both the families rejoiced, the parents, bride and groom along with the panditji were preparing to carry on the traditions and rituals for the day. Jaimala was carried out while the attendees from both the sides wished a blessed future for the couple who were starting a new chapter of their life. The control of the ongoing online event was given to the panditji for carrying out the procedures.

Regular ululations were being made to respect Bengali Traditions from the groom’s side. All the guests blessed the newly wed and communicated as the video call was muted. The host cordially congratulated everyone for the new relations that were build up and also the graceful couple and parents. The couple enjoyed their special moment and the audience had a great time while they both performed on bhangra beats. Bedai, an emotional moment, was seized with the music as the couple exited the scene.

The whole day was quite refreshing and heart-warming as the two souls intertwined, breaking the ropes of the ‘conventional ways’ and tied knots to a lifelong commitment.

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