“Event planning” India’s emerging industry

“Event planning” India’s emerging industry

Event planning company - Global Nexus

Event management is one of the most overwhelming industries in India. Nowadays everyone wants their events to be the best whether it’s a wedding or a get-together or a team building activity planned by a company for its employees. Planning an event is not an easy task. And this is where an event planner steps in. We at Global Nexus try to reduce this burden of event planning for them. We want every bride to enjoy her big day and be relaxed without any tension of anything going wrong. Even for corporate we make the event so professionally perfect so that it could provide the maximum output to the audience without feeling bored or pressured.

To make the life of corporate a bit easier and let them have a break from their daily routines, we work at our best. Just like corporates says “woohoo it’s Friday!” we try our best to keep this excitement last forever by planning their weekends for them where they can enjoy and feel relaxed without any tension of their daily tiring office routines.

More and more graduates, in a wide range of subjects, are doing a master’s course in event management to get in-depth knowledge of the events industry, as well as a way of showing their commitment to a career in this business and making their job applications stand out above the others. A growing number of Indian universities are offering such postgraduate courses. If you decide to go ahead and study this subject, I would recommend that you get as much practical experience as possible during your studies — volunteering to help at events and so on. That will look good on your CV. The hours are long, your social life will disappear a little when you’re busy and it isn’t anywhere near as glamorous as people think — however, it is hugely rewarding and the benefits are immense. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in some fantastic events which are great fun and make it all worthwhile. Also this new generation is so high tech that at some events we can get a huge advantage of their knowledge about the latest gadgets like drones, 360 degree cameras and latest compact music systems and we don’t have to get in fuss with the higher prices of equipment’s with local vendors.

Also we need to understand the crucial times that come across the journey. For instance during one of our events where we were supposed to get the access to the venue at 6 pm and had to get it ready by 7:30 pm, we got the access at 7 pm but because of our team leaders, we did not panicked and got back to with twice the energy and made the event a great success. In this industry the work starts slowly and gradually and as the event nears the workload builds and builds until the event itself, when you are trying to appear calm on the outside but running about daft on the inside making sure everything is going well, if not you’re fire-fighting, and then before you know it the event is over.

Also there is a lot of miscommunication in the events for instance one wrong date can cost you extra rent and lots of goodwill damage. So, if you don’t manage this properly with yourself and your team then you can burn out. If you don’t manage the pressure, you make bad decisions. If you make bad calls, you exert more pressure on yourself. Entering the events industry is not an easy option. It’s hard work no matter what role you have. The client expects a great event, the audience a quality experience and you are responsible for various aspects of this. What all these situations require is a calm and level head and an ability to methodically and logically look at the solutions.

You need to provide your clients with the feeling of safety and assurance in your experience and expertise to deliver a suitable solution. And to make our clients happy we need to take special care of the client’s preferences whether its related to the decor or the food menu. In some cases we might as well get some last minute demands which are very difficult to fulfil but we still do it because that is what we believe in “making our clients happy”. Things go wrong all the time because we’re human and we work in a very human and people-orientated industry. It is always the manner in which issues and disasters are dealt with that leave their mark and your legacy.

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