First Glimpse of wedding to be – an elaborate invite

First Glimpse of wedding to be – an elaborate invite

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We all have had our share of swooning over the high profile weddings of last year. From exotic locales to elaborate decoration to bigwigs attending the do; it all has left us literally starry eyes. But the talk of these weddings was stolen by the unique wedding invite of Isha Ambani – the daughter of the richest Indian. Full of interesting details and unique in all respects, it was befitting enough to be from the one and only Mukesh Ambani. After this wedding, the invitation card has seen a sudden upsurge in its look, design and contest. Suddenly everyone wants to pay minutest detail to their invites, courtesy of course, Isha Ambani wedding card. Encased in a beautiful box, it played Gayatri Mantra as one opened it. The beautiful hand written message from the bride was the personal detailing to its look. Paying respects to both their grandparents, the couple spoke highly of them seeking their blessings for the new journey started. Overall to say, it was the talk of the year with each card estimated to cost around three lakh rupees.

We all love to emulate the likes of the people we look up to. From business tycoons to Bollywood celebrities, we wish to lead a life of their style. Since the financial difference makes it all, we can but take at least a slice of how they perceive things. This has led to all brides and grooms and their parents wanting to make the wedding as lavish as their purse would permit. The first glimpse of the wedding to be is seen through the wedding card. It could be a traditional one with Lord Ganesha blessing the couple or a quirky message from the family about the two. Nowadays wedding invites in the form of bookmark, caricatures of the couple, in the style of playing cards or an origami folding card are doing the rounds. Everyone wants to touch that unique aspect that brings a novelty in how they design their card. Gifts, sweets and chocolates in personalized flavour and presentation also brings newness to the wedding invitation card.

You are all unique in all respects. Since your wedding is an affair you want people to remember all their lives, so should the wedding invite be. Throw in some personal aspect too. Be it sweet or sassy, a touching short quote or phrase as an introduction to your invite wording will help set the tone of your wedding invitation. Let the celebration of your love and friendship begin with a beautiful bond and lovely wedding invite. After all, marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.

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