From Exhibition Flop to Top: Disaster proof your exhibition

From Exhibition Flop to Top: Disaster proof your exhibition

The definition of ‘disaster’ is many and as an event planner you will certainly
prefer to stay away from any kind of it. Anything which harms your brand and
affects your event negatively is a disaster to you and what we learn about
disasters is to recognize them, take all the known precautions to prevent its
occurrence and in case of failure of a plan, have steps to mitigate the damage.

The main purpose of an exhibition is that it offers information. It helps you
grasp the development trend of the competitors and determine the correct
strategy for the company. You can expand your understanding of the industry.

Advertise: before, during and after

An exhibition is to SHOW. The event’s biggest goal here is to present whatever
services or products are available at the event in the simplest way possible.
Creative visuals and big displays catch eyes and must be set up in the most
optimum setting.

The aim here is to make each and every attendee at least be aware of all that is
available for them to explore. A major setback for your event could be the
situation where they don’t even know what all you had to offer. Having great
features and companies over at your place adds no value until you let
everybody know.

Mismanagement is a Massacre

Confusion creates a problem. Having communication with your staff is no
doubt very important, but having staff capable enough to interpret your needs,
work efficiently, and take the pressure is the first requirement.

Having no clear plan of action can make things messy not only at the
registration process but all around the event.

Make sure to:

Keep them updated and check on them too.
Everyone must be aware of the whole area.
Let them know all the tasks and responsibilities per individual beforehand.

A little chaos can turn into a big rush and cause huge damage to not only you
as a company but those associated with you.

Financial Alley

Keep track of your funds, overspending is never an option. Keep all the terms
open and transparent in front of your clients. This not only sets everything
clear but also helps you prevent any after-show feud which can decrease your
connections in the field.

Offer only what is possible and deliver maintained services.

A contingency plan is very important for covering up the mishaps that may
happen and hence host a successful event. Fund management for such
situations must be done carefully and not in the heat of the moment. List down
the additional things that you may require and adjust your money after
analyzing the overall picture.

Insured Event

For top-notch, high scale events, the assets and investment are high and so is
the fall if you are met with one. In this case, be prepared to cover most of your
damages by getting insurance wherever you can.

Be smart by choosing a plan and know all about whatever you are signing for.
Insurance must be meaningful with legit coverage for the situations which
actually have a probability of happening.

Work the ‘obvious factors’

Natural disasters and weather are no more a worry with evolving technology
and easy to avail accurate predictions. Have necessary safety exits and basic
kits for people to use in any accidental case.

Inspect the area and interact with locals to know about anything that may
generally happen, any pattern-based weather condition, or lack of some
resources that may affect you.

Gadgets Control

Work up your IT guy and know your equipment. Set up must be concrete and a
little knowledge about basic working will hurt no one, right?

Test your sound and screen control. Make people in-charge for keeping an eye
on the smooth working of the event. The power supply must be checked to not
only operate on the system but also prevent an electrical fire. Your elements
include tech for not just increasing efficiency anymore, they are part of the
décor, a factor of ‘aesthetic’ to the event venue.

Attracting an audience works when you showcase a good command over your
operations and space. It portrays trust and control, the two factors quite
appealing to a good audience, and of course a buyer among them.

An event has its lows and highs. As long as the audience doesn’t notice your
‘lows’ you remain in the good light and continue to impress not only the
attendees but the clients too. Remember to be calm in any of this situation and
hold onto your planning and instincts. Confidence is the key in any situation
which involves panic.


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