Housewives: From Supportive Backbones to Talented Heads

Housewives: From Supportive Backbones to Talented Heads

It is getting hotter day by day, be it the weather or the social media megalomania. The global pandemic gave a sudden rise this social media-obsessed generation to showcase their talents. YouTubers arose from almost every corner of the street. Rappers, singers, dancers, storytellers, poets, artists, are now ruling over social media by showing off their mind blowing skills. The worldwide lockdown took away most of the dreams from youngsters who had plans of studying abroad; get a job or even those who wanted to start their own company. Many families went through emotional, physical and financial loss. But people fought back, people healed and came back stronger. Not only teenagers and young adults but even the parents have now become tech savvy. Our parents learned a lot about internet and social media in this lockdown. From Instagram reels to tiktok videos, many parents are now trending on social media along with their kids. Just like how women are trending to take over the world, some mothers are taking over social media with their skills and love. Our mothers gave up on their jobs and carriers to look after the family. They deserve more love and respect that we give them. Waking up early in the morning before everyone else, to make breakfast for the entire family, preparing lunch boxes for children before leaving, preparing a presentation for office the night before, then going to office, working for the whole day in there, then coming back home and preparing dinner for everyone is way more tiring and exhausting than it sounds. It is not easy being a woman and especially a mother. They do everything with perfection and with ease.

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar was asked in one of the levels of her beauty pageant competition, that, which job in this world deserves the highest paid salary? So in her answer she said that it is the motherhood that deserves the highest salary. She explained that, it is not only about the cash or the amount that is paid but it is about the respect we give them and the dignity they deserve. I was personally dazzled by the accuracy in her answer. It is not easy leaving everything behind, even your surname, and dedicate your life to someone else. It takes courage to invest in someone new both emotionally and financially. Many women suppressed their dream jobs or even the idea of their own startup company. Thankfully, social media has given our mothers and wives this possibility of portraying their interests and skills. Many women have started home bakery and homemade food services. Some housewives have started teaching dance or painting through YouTube videos. Be it extracurricular activities or course related subjects, online classes have now become a routine. Students are attending regular school and colleges online classes. Side by side they are also sharpening their hobbies by various types of homemade videos. These homemade videos are not made by some professional fancy blogger, but by our mothers and housewives.

This pandemic has affected our mental health more than we thought it would. Taking care of one self and self-pampering is very important. Some basic tips for self-care involves, giving yourself a little quality time. Which means, treating yourself with your favourite dessert, or making your favourite macaroni. All this has been made easy by all the “Easy to Cook” videos which are shot at home by the women of our family. Not only cooking, but women are also nailing it in the DIY videos, which stand for “Do It Yourself”. Many handicrafts related videos like making earrings, wind chimes, pillow covers, shopping cloth bags, etc, are very much trending these days on social videos.

People nowadays often search for all sorts of DIY videos to make their life a little more interesting. By filming and sharing such videos, such female content creators are not only helping their viewers with enquiries, but there are also contributing in their own family buy earning money in this global pandemic where every corporation and organization like NGOs have almost come to an end due to financial issues. Be it the first female Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris or our Indian housewives, women have never hesitated to come forward in order to make this world a better place. They have proved that super heroes like the Wonder Woman not only exist in movies, but also in real life. Many families were able to start a low key family business because the housewives came forward with ideas like delivery service of homemade food, homemade baked products like cakes and muffins or handicrafts. Centuries have passed by and yet women have continued to prove that this world is unbearable without their mere presence. It is not always that only a famous successful woman deserves appreciation. It is not always that a movie actress like Deepika Padukone or Kalpana Chawla who was the first woman of Indian origin to go to space, deserves to get famous or to get an interview in some prominent magazine like Forbes. Sometimes even the women of our family deserve that similar level of appreciation.

Many families, who went through some huge financial losses, finally came back on track through those DIY home videos which got famous on social media in no time. These families started earning through YouTube videos and those shared their videos on social media platform like Instagram and Facebook, came across many sponsors who willing to invest in their small business. So as my readers, I would like to ask you all, that if your mother, sister or wife has any sort of hidden talent that deserves to come out in the world, what is stopping you to help them? They left it all behind to take care of you and you as their husband or son, or even as a brother should support their dreams. Who knows, maybe the next master chef or next business woman of the year can be someone from your family.

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