How My Engineering Degree Helped Me in Organising a Great Event

How My Engineering Degree Helped Me in Organising a Great Event

As a blogger, this one is not a very biased blog for my audience but I would really shout-out to my Engineer mates.

This undergraduate program is not just a degree but a journey. Obviously, between the whole trauma of lectures and practical, there is a lot more to it. In the college we learn to communicate, profess and organise in one way or the other.

There are many events and fests happening in every other tech college. From E-summits to Cultural nights, there is a lot happening behind the curtains. As B.Tech students, our courses also involve various topics and knowledge that actually are very helpful in organizing and planning everything out.

PR work and various other communication skills come into play during the college fests and are actually briefed to us by our seniors who have been doing this work before. It’s actually like skills which are being passed down every tenure. Even ‘Technical communication’ as a course in early years of our study help out in this section.

The communication and redeeming the convincing power within you to talk to key note speakers and inviting them over to attend the events being organised actually takes one back to the basics learnt in these classes and the end-sem presentation that has to be given. This might sound like a load to those of you who are currently studying but would really help out further in life. Until then, you all have to bear the load!

Bachelors of technology, as the name suggests, helped me realise how technology can actually make an ongoing event less stressful. Use of voice assistant, AR based games and interactive poll designing workshops are few attractive go-to. They are quite engaging and fascinating for the spectators.

Pitching project ideas and the whole boardroom simulation are some of the part which have actually helped in surviving the part where the basic sketched out plan is to be explained to others.

The online marketing campaign is what colleges have really adopted nowadays. The event scale in such universities have grown drastically so have their methods. Dedicated groups for people with particular skills work around the year to add successful events every year. All this brings out the very importance of community building within colleagues and team management and the way work distribution can come in hand.

Applications like Slack and Chanty are great corporate applications for communication between team members and circulating important notices.

Importance of Database and working with it is very important. Microsoft excel is a very underrated application which is often taken for granted but is actually very powerful application for data management and analysis. The whole research and audience analysis are made very easy with couple of algorithms and bringing out the relation between different metrics in the databases.

A very famous sayings by seniors around always went like, “Making people pay the bills, give their money, that is an art and very hard”. Different temperament, tone and interest decide the way you talk to different people.

Also, pre-event budgeting and fund planning is something everyone does during their college life. Making the best out of whatever monthly budget you have by finding the right food stall to the general store which gives seasonal offers has travelled a long journey to finding cheaper décor and lighting services in the vicinity for an event.
The race to be up to date with ongoing skills and new kits in tech world is similar to following the trends that are taking the lead in the marketing.

Self-motivation, keen observation and good perception is what are very much required as an event organiser along with the very important skill of being well organised.

Time management and handling takes up the biggest part of our professional life and has been a part of the college life too. Behind the long assignment submission and file work that was allotted, understanding value of proper distribution of time is how a timeline for execution is created. All the efforts put behind an event and hard work done shows only if proper audience is targeted and brought in. Networking is a phase that starts from the college itself. Connecting, not only on social media, not only with your friends, but with personalities specialising in the field of their interest, is the key here.

Event Engineer is actually a job prospect for those who aspire to focus in this area. They are actually responsible for all the strategic background of the event.

• Designing and sound setups.
• Completing risk assessments and security-checks.
• Track all the inventories for useful resources.

This domain is increasing number of opportunities available with demand in attention to small details and has grown as big firms to complete tasks and make an event what it was planned to be.

The goal of everyday event planner maybe to make the event ‘different’ but as engineers our vision of a successful event is the ‘different’ version, that even after the event attendees think about it.

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