How to make an Event Interesting

How to make an Event Interesting

With many events’ particulars within our hands and increase in digital reachability, audience has a wide variety of events to choose from. What gets to them, is appealing to them and actually shines to hold them as confirmed attendees is the ‘innovative input’ that the event has incorporated.

Fascinating and catchy ideas are formulated to actually to pitch the whole event. Even similar events can have drastically different impact over people. It all lies in using new tools and methods to bring attention to the concept.


Integrated services and digitalisation have revolutionised the whole market. Tech savvy people are not only limited to the very domain of ‘tech’ but have used their expertise to device algorithms to devise the most suitable financial and marketing strategies.

Using VR oriented videos and giving up the boring presentations surely takes it to another level. Connecting remote audience and making them a part exposes them to the technological development and further attracts crowd.

Voice assistance and “If, then” questioning through audience is another method to use AI tool.


The marketing and publicity in any lavish event are spread on different levels and so is the investment in this process. The underlying flow of ideas is actually to make the event user friendly and help solve different difficulties faced by people.

Irrespective of event format, let it be a mindful session. Discussing some useful and relaxing thoughts actually makes the whole time put in very useful.

While experience must be as soothing and useful as explained, the design should be something unexpected out of the everyday expected events. A little twist and turn, here and there, goes a long way.

Actually, interesting people in enrolling into the event for their own development as an individual take it up the notch.

Hosting volunteer activities and involving sponsors gives everyone a fun time to enjoy and building some good PR for themselves is an add-on. For example, try to capture the kid in them through various nostalgic treats.

 Experience Design simply equates to engagement. Maintaining proper conduct, ensuring security and building a healthy environment during the event and it’s promise beforehand forms an inter- personal sense of trust.

It’s not only about entertaining people, it’s about keeping them focused on a particular thematic message. The five senses are not the limit anymore.

Ideas like CONFEX, which is part conference and a part exhibition related to a similar cause or topic is something different if thought about.

IMMERSIVE while relates to theatre but is actually an adopted method for people to enact different branches and personalities in the existing industry.

Something new may not appear to be serving the basic streamlined purpose but a smart idea can be in-depth creative.

  • A corporate poem performance

A poem created from parts written by hundreds of Astellas employees was created and was collected into one grand story by the poet LionHeart. Such activity shows how creative skills and team efforts and management can be mixed to give a promoting result.


Styling and decor are more than the physical and connect emotions. They set the scene and become the first stage in driving attendee behavior and give off the right and memorable atmosphere. Planning out everything based on a basic theme gives the tangible idea a shape.

The whole design should be made to encourage networking.

Local or abstract art work for the upcoming social media generation helps promote the location as well as further attracts people to attend.

Color dynamics and visual appeal may be very underrated aspect of event planning, but setting the correct tone for any event is as important as the actual event itself.

STORYTELLING: Capturing the soft side of the people through sharing your own experience or any moral journey which they talk about, builds a soft corner within the audience and help them connect and relate to the situation discussed.

HYBRID EVENTS: Niching is a popular way of personalizing an approach to attendees, including subject matter, so overlapping is inevitable. It serves to a broad-spectrum audience and more of those interested have the first motive of interacting with everyone around.

EXPLORATION: To know a destination does not have to be forced for clients or guests. Whether they are visiting for a conference or an incentive trip, guests are eager to learn about the city around them.

Taking notes and using your experience as the last-minute confidence boosters help an organiser understanding and avoiding similar mistakes in the event.

Maximizing involvement and retention of attendees as active participants in any type of event is very important. The whole sport of ‘participation’ and willingness to put in efforts measure the success rates of an event.

FEEDBACK FORMULA: Taking the views of attendees not only makes up for your database but creates a way to show validation to these people and make them the ruler of the whole event, which is more or less the truth,

The attendees are surely the one crowned and for whom all the arrangements are done.

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