How to take care of on-site planning of an event: An easy way to do it

How to take care of on-site planning of an event: An easy way to do it

Even minor problems and mishaps here and there can be enough to sabotage your event to ground.
Well, even the thought of such a situation may sound haunting as an organiser but we all must agree
that whatever the event maybe, it never goes perfectly according to the way its planned.

There are some questions one must keep in mind and should work towards the setup, to have an
answer for any possible situation that may arise.

Keep you in the attendees’ shoes. Go around after the whole thing is done to check as an
outsider the first impression they would get and if it is near the expectations your marketing
campaigns has developed.

Speaking of which,

Registration counter must be all setup and ready to serve the incoming crowd smoothly and
efficiently. Always remember to put someone in-charge. Make it easy to fill out and keep the steps
distributed on different counters to avoiding crowding over one place. Keep in mind to make preentry requirements as simple as possible.

If you’re sick of processing event registrations and payments by hand, there’s a software
that can completely automate the process for you online. It’s called Membership
Management Software.
Using a membership management software package, such as Wild Apricot’s, you can easily
track registration numbers and fees.

To manage attendees on the event, you collect the information as attendees register online
and onsite. To easily manage onsite attendees, you can rely on the leading event planning
software that facilitates event setup and management such as GEVME. Being cloud-based, it
helps you keep log of the previous events which can be helpful while working on future
attendees’ database. It is more of a broad- spectrum software to create forms, get
responses with easy to use interface.

You can also have multiple desks.

The event onsite management must check that all protocols are followed. If need be, then an event
check-in software must be used.

The venue, not only should be pre-booked but pre-analysed and well-navigated too. Use the space
to it’s right potential for people to be comfortable and avoid creating chaos.

This means, keep in mind about an exhibition area where sponsors and vendors can set up a booth
and estimate the maximum people who can be gathering around for business and work near them.

NEVER forget about the speakers, guest of honour and host that has been invited. They must be
treated with utmost respect and no efforts must less in their hospitality. Associate and get- along
with them to build a relation for long run. Prepare all the possible facilities they maybe requiring,
arrange for their accommodation and always be there or have someone of higher position to serve
their needs to make them feel valued.

Remember, they are the critics and also those who get the word to upper realm or maybe to the
potential clients.

By checking things out in person you’re far better prepared to address any issues that
might arise on the day of the event.

 Choose your staff wisely, make teams and make people in-charge. Take care of whom you invest
your trust in for any crucial work and try to keep those people in positions who have been a part of
the whole planning shenanigans and know the facts with prior experience. Try to introduce key
speakers and teammates yourself on the stage, if required.

Always have an itinerary, list of line up activities with their session’s estimated time mentioned side
by side. It can appear like:

  1. (7.15-8.00) Opening ceremony
  2. (8.05-9.00) Talk by Mr.Person
  3. (9.05-10.00) Exhibition brief
  4. (10.05-11.00) Refreshment break
  5. (11.05-12.00) Group Discussion/ Debate session
  6. (12.05-1.00) Brand launch
    And so on…

Keep the schedule on your fingertips and keeping back-up options ready to repair any last-minute
cancellations. Keep presentations up to mark and maintain time schedule.

Expect a few mishaps and have backup plans for your backup plans, just like your contingency
money, always have a backup for on-site situations too. ALWAYS act quick and make things seem
okay. In case something should happen to go wrong, fix it quickly, at least before everyone notices.

Marketing and promotional activities should not stop anytime. Create buzz using social media and
also encourage attendees to do the same via live stream and tweet posts. Unconventional venues
are a very good catalysts of such activities among the crowd.

Communicate within the crowd and talk about any specific thing that they believe can be
improved. Try to be a part of various activities happening to have a close ear over the
environment during the event. Ask about event, take feedbacks as the event unfolds.

Interact with the reporters and the bloggers, particularly press that is present to mention
some key points and impressive behind the scene that they might be missing.

Participate in networking and facilitate conversations. Initiate talk between eminent
personalities and attendees and help grow the verbal aspect of the event.

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