If you are good at something never do it for free

If you are good at something never do it for free

One of the famous quote by Heath Ledger from the movie the dark knight, but what if our skills include really good conversational skills and some easy to go socializing. How do we cash such a skill like this being from the commerce side of the society?


Well, if you considered colonial times like the Spartans or barbarians you may end up as philosopher or a spokesperson at max that too with all the luck left in your pocket.

But fortunately this is the 21st century and having skills like this can go a long way, given the right direction with the little knack for monitoring opportunities.

So, first off let’s start with the basics- What really is a corporate event?

Corporate events, say a town-hall meeting or family-day events, gather employees from different parts of the organisation to experience a common event, the event can range from as far as entertainment to informative. Generally it’s decided on the best intention of the organization. This practice of holding corporate events is common in all over Indian Service sector— be it to communicate corporate plans/priorities, solicit staff feedback on corporate issues, or celebrate corporate achievements.

OD practitioners are often involved in organising such events, a process which takes up much attention, time and resources. Understanding the meaning behind corporate events — and organising them well — will help make a positive impact on the organisation and its employees.

If you look into corporate events aesthetically you may find a lot of common things or events or even gestures like, Advertising or Marketing to create new lead generation ventures, give proper credentials to employees and business partners for their hard work, help productivity through team building practices promoting togetherness and teamwork in the office, introduce new and or motivate to excel at existing key strategies, address the merits and demerits of the current scenario in the organization, even launch a new product.


So basically, given that you talk good and have a healthy intent to promote or share something with your company or the company has to with the employees corporate events are the way to go.

Not only the personal gain and opportunity to work for the organization, a corporate event brings in many benefits to the organization and with that it gives you a direct ticket to make money with nothing but some good socializing. This has to be one of the many reasons why this generation is so attracted to not only corporate events but also any event management  in general.

In its earlier days corporate events and events management had its issues as not much exposure was provided at school college levels.

But with the emergence of such big students events organized by the college and school students in this time it’s only natural that corporate events are such a huge success and a regular basis of routine in any good organization. Considering the early aspects of guidance provided to students and the importance later in the field work after joining any organization we come to know how important and profitable both financially and non financially these events can be, and how this is a job of the emerging corporate world.

By – Shwetank Seth

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