Interesting Change in Event Format

Interesting Change in Event Format

Devising an ideal iteration for an event is actually what gets to the organisers while the whole thing revolves around the question, “What increases the involvement of the attendees?”.


The audience has evolved through years, to the digital era and more sophisticated critical thinkers, which calls for change in our methods too.

Its no longer about meetings and discussions, webinars are the new way of connecting the event globally and crossing overseas to increase involvement and reaching out to new audience. Talking of reachability, using internet tools to actually create an interactive environment is a very healthy way of making an event successful and creating base attendees for future events and self-promotion.

For instance, Agenda based discussions have graduated to streaming sessions which can be attended even after the actual broadcast for those who couldn’t be a part at the scheduled timing, which is a two-way relaxation for both the host and the watcher.


An event is not only about different activities but is also about offering a space to interact with new people, relevant to the very field you are working in while it’s not necessary for it to be a social event.

Events focusing on such aspects have grown around us, as they realise the importance of ‘community development’ and their further benefit from fruitful learning experience between the audience itself too.

Different organisations who desire to branch out themselves to different industries tend to organise events where they can advertise the co-dependency of two sects within the market and hence create a space for people to know each other and promote further growth.

Inviting eminent personalities specialising in certain field of interest and relevant to the professionals in making at various universities, to give talks and share experience is very much in- trend nowadays.

‘Your net worth is your Network’ is a quote that comes into play when one enters the corporate world. Students have started creating a before-hand experience by forming groups and using the social media platforms for their own benefits by building their presence and networking through such events and platforms.


After attending various events, you unfold the different levels of organisational tools and inputs it takes to make an event engaging.

A cultural event at a tech college will never limit itself to entertainment but the infusion of tech-based entertainment. Mood Indigo at IIT Bombay shows such features very evidently through its events and exhibitions, showcasing the tech part which opens them to a variety of potential audience.

Jashn-e-rekhta, on the other hand, has a very focused audience which keeps interest in a particular culture and specified form of literature. The organisers’ focus on reviving the tradition, celebrating the essence of Urdu and inviting people to attend plethora of experiences.

The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) is another broad-spectrum example which actually focuses on truly everything. With 190,000 buyers per session and half of them being from different countries shows how as big the event gets, it not only should be engaging and must have something new to offer every next year, but also requires essential organisation of different phases through the whole event.


Our seniors demand,
our attendees want,
our sponsors crave,
something ‘different’.

It’s no more a crowd but pool of opportunity that attends the event where you put all your efforts into. While smart work is more or less a working ethic nowadays, the marketing and design inputs wrap the deal in velvet ribbon.

‘Aesthetic’, as the millennials might call it, which adds up to the whole theme, is what we are talking about here. Events were organised yesterday and will continue to exist around us.But as potential audience, what catches our eyes, meets our soul.

Also, in this fast-moving world our most valuable commodity continues to be the same old ‘time’. Incorporating any event within the comfort zone of both the ends, enables it to be a successful event.

a. The term ‘BROWN BAG SESSIONS’ not only urges you to know more about it but also attracts you after you actually understand the concept itself. It is a cross between a lecture and a lunch. The whole concept can have a two-fold perspective when we join the very first point by taking the lecture online.

b. GROUP LIGHTNING TALK is to pick a theme and instead of doing one long talk, have a number of lightning talks which helps in highlighting more community members that might be reluctant to do a long talk and summarise the point of it avoiding monotonous tone.

The idea here is to sound catchy, look innovative and feel impressive on the first go.

The opportunities are endless. Evolving nature of events to take the boredom out of the room can be a deal breaker for both attendees and the organisers.

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