JUGAAD CAMPAIGN – Innovation at its best

JUGAAD CAMPAIGN – Innovation at its best

“Karle juggad karle, karle koi jugaad

Arey Tukka Maar Koi , Ya Koi Teer Maar

Karle Jugaad Karle, Karle Koi Jugaad”

Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Through our new initiative “Jugaad Campaign” we will give a platform to the interested participants to showcase their innovation. It will be organised at different levels and the participants will be rewarded with certificates. Also the best innovators selected by the panel of judges will be supported in the form of funding and will be mentored to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to promote and provide support to the many grassroots innovations that emerge from India’s informal sectors (schools & colleges). Through this we will be serving a platform for the promotion of excellent Innovations, start-up businesses and other self-employment activities. When brought together, these myriads of small efforts will contribute to a larger trend of national innovation.

OUR MISSION: The ‘Jugaad campaign’ shall have three core functions :

To Promote Innovation: Will provide a platform where innovative ideas are generated
To Promote Entrepreneurship: Best innovators would be supported and mentored to become successful entrepreneurs
To Promote Creativity: Will provide a platform to promote & sell handmade/handcrafted eco friendly products.

***JUGAAD LEAGUE – This league will be in the spirit of promoting our ancient games/fun activities which will mainly include kho-kho and kabaddi competition.

Participants can present either:

1. Innovative Ideas : By presenting innovative ideas/plan/yojanaa which you can showcase diagramatically, through ppt or through a still model
2. Technological innovation: By presenting a working model
3. Handmade/Handcrafted products: By presenting a range of handmade/handcrafted eco-friendly products like newspaper & cloth jute bags, stationery, cloth & paper jewellery, clothes & home decor items.


● Innovative idea/yojana/plan/ technology which can lead to the betterment of the society or in the government sector or in the corporate sector.
● Innovative idea/yojana/plan/ technology which can do good for Indian Economy
● Innovation by using waste products (using the concept of recycle & re-use)
● Start – up plans                                                              ● Water                        

● Education                                                                        ● Hygiene/sanitation
● Electricity                                                                        ● Indian economy
 ● Health 


Micro Level:
We are going to visit & organise an intra-institute innovation competition in each school, college and RWAs which is basically going to be 2-3 hours of activity. From there our jury will select the top 3 best innovators and they would further be invited to the Mega Jugaad Fest pitched to be held late this year.

Macro Level:
The Mega Fest would be a grand amalgamation of innovators, exhibitors and entrepreneurs wherein the “Grand Finale” of the event would decide the winner of this “Jugaad Fest”. Besides, the mega event would mark the presence of various exhibitors for recreational purposes viz., the food stalls, the gaming stalls, the creatives and paintings by orphans.

1. Can participate individually or in a group of not more than 5 people
2. Age group – No age bar for talented people

So guys, if you think you have out of the box idea/solution/creativity, then what are you waiting for – Register yourself for the upcoming Jugaad campaign in your school/college/RWAs.

“Khud Ka sapna sach karna Hai Toh, Future Banana Hai To
Yahan Wahan Se, Jahan Jahan Se,
Jo Ukhdey Ukhaad aur dikha apna kamaal Karle Jugaad Karle,
Karle Koi Jugaad”

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