Major Nostalgia of Events Before COVID Came Along

Major Nostalgia of Events Before COVID Came Along

Freedom from my books. The rush of happiness one would feel in today’s time if I said “You just woke up in a world with no more fear of covid-19”, Well, we all know that’s a long, l-o-n-g road to reality but a girl’s allowed to dream right? Back to the call I coolly replied with a firm count-me-in attitude and cut the call totally oblivious of the fact July 2019 was CBSE Board year,  I dosed off to the land without exams on my books and was woken up by a call from my gal pal of my school – Mussoorie International School, Saying “this Founders Day our school is planning a  slumber party in school premises for ex-MIS Students“ and I felt that rush of  happiness and a one way ticket to that  I have 12th CBSE Board exams you know the one that decides students future by asking all those questions that are never going to be asked again in that amazing life span of ours. Though months far but brown family rules can’t have fun while you’re in class 12th studying in a CBSE school.

I wasted no time and got to business, like an obedient child. I studied for five consecutive days really hard; the type of study we do to impress our parents and get them to say YES and gladly they did. Next thing I know I’m packing.

road trip ☑

maggie point ☑

snoring pictures of friends ☑

matching night suits ☑

snacks to smuggle in ☑

Finally we reached home, sweet home left but never forgotten – Mussoorie International School. The Founder’s Day at MIS is celebrated in such a magnificent manner that nobody wants to miss this event. We had the Ganesh Vandana and a couple of few more school prayers followed by lighting of the lamp to begin with the event. A few were girls dressed in traditional dancing clothes, all instruments kept at their places backstage and green room helpers shushing everyone, girls fixing each other crooked eyeliners. The event has everything; the kids sharing emotional, eye watering looks from the stage to the audience, children dancing to spot their parents in every step, participants of orchestra totally showing off they can play the keys without looking  because their eyes were so fixed at their parents, School pass-outs and ex-students meeting their favourite teachers, girls giggling around the backstage, homesick kids even crying with their eyes and nose out, visitors sneaking in snacks and eatables to the seniors and juniors wishing they were seniors. This event just had everything; not a single thing missing, all emotions welcomed.

Right after the function we had room allotments, soon it got windy and we were to be there for a short event where few songs were sung by our friends while teachers danced with us. Soon we became hungry for dinner and let me tell you when it is dinner time you got to run so you get the crispy and first serve of everything which yes is the best.

Now then comes the most exciting time “pajama party”. We danced all night to the best songs ever yeah not literally we got to the room around 12 midnight. We started getting a tiny tat bored and had a major problem with the network; as we being Instagram and tiktok “viewers”. But come on, it was a boarding school the night was young as were we and enjoyed ghost stories pretty much but not as much as scaring one another. It was more fun because we were instructed to sleep and be sleeping till asked to get up. We talked to many ghosts and when I say that I mean literal ghosts. We shared many fake on the spot cooked ghost stories and fell asleep soon in terror of being taken by Bloody Marry.

This was probably the last time I had seen soo many people together at one place and had enjoyed without the digits of deaths, current COVID cases or the fact that someone is out there not able to get proper cure and facilities . I firmly stand by ‘we isolate now so we gather again and with all together’. Despite all the facts that how much I miss breathing the fresh polluted air of Delhi with bare nose or how much I long for my brother and sister to give me a break and go to school and for me to go to college and live that life of bunking classes, have stall teas n getting that college romance I long for.

All we have now is memories and bean of light to see a day soon without any active COVID cases.

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