NephroPlus organized Olympic style Games event for dialysis patients!

NephroPlus organized Olympic style Games event for dialysis patients!


India is a very different country in terms of healthcare. Compared to systems in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, much of Europe and even the US, Indian healthcare is highly skewed towards the rich. Almost the entire population bear all their healthcare expense out of pocket. If you can’t afford treatment, you don’t get it. It’s just as simple as that.

The Government is beginning to take baby steps to change this. Some states now have healthcare coverage for the poor. There is a very small percentage of the population that is covered by Private Insurance. However, these policies are capped, and unless you are covered by a Group Insurance Policy, they do not cover dialysis. Peritoneal Dialysis is not covered at all. Despite all this, almost 90% of all patients have to pay for their dialysis.
NephroPlus organized Olympic style Games event for dialysis patients!

Sports & Games are related to us biologically, academically, morally, emotionally, and the list won’t stop and here it is how:-

Biologically : – All of you might know how sports keeps us fit. Our muscles are flexed, in layman’s terms- they’re prevented from undergoing rusting. Sports helps in treating numerous diseases, most of them relating to our heart. Obesity, is one of those disease where Sports is a natural healer. There has been a heavy increase in the number of deaths due to heart diseases, mainly cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is mainly due to the clot in blood due to the oil particles in the blood. Sports help in utilizing these oil(fatty acids). So if you wish to live long, fit, happy and disease free, sports is a must.

Academically : – Now, how is sports related to one’s academics. Sport increases the concentrating power, it helps our nervous system to increase its spontaneity. It helps our mind to remain fresh, increases our retaining power. All in all, it increases the overall efficiency of the brain. All these skills are very important academically, you might get through with rote learning during your school life, but all the competitive exams cannot be cleared without these skills. So to all the parents on Quora, never ever dissuade your child from joining any sport.

Morally : – Sports is morally related to us as it teaches us moral skills of sportsman spirit, honesty, team work. It teaches us an art of leading. Tactical awareness, strategic planning, and all these skills are honed due to sports.

Emotionally : – Of all, I guess all would relate to this the most. India winning an overseas test series in South Africa, Roger Federer winning his 18th Grand Slam, Messi finally winning a World Cup, Saina Nehwal winning the Olympic Gold, India getting another Major Dhyan Chand, etc, won’t that make you happy? All I want to say is, doesn’t the sight of your team performing well make you happy? Didn’t you get goosebumps when MS had hit that historical six at the Wankhede? Sports has time and has again proven itself to unite countries. During the time when children are born with bombs around them, isn’t sports a birth right for happiness?

Above all sports brings a spirit of unity, sportsmanship and spread friendship and love among people. It enlighten our mind and gives us happiness and a chance to display our skills.

Nephroplus firmly believes in every person’s right to lead a healthy & normal life and came up with the idea of the first ever- Dialysis Olympiad- An Olympics style event exclusively for those on dialysis !

Team Global Nexus got the opportunity to join hands with them and promoting such a noble cause by organizing the entire event at the Thyagraj Stadium on 29th October 2017. Global Nexus extended an end to end services from branding, catering, stage to the entire management. Patients from all over the country were invited for fre one day event at the stadium where they could participate in sports events like Running, Cycling, Basketball, Table Tennis, Walkathon, Caroms etc. wherein all the sports equipments were arranged by Global Nexus’s team.

The event was graced by the presence of the ex-CM of Haryana, Mr. Bhupendra Singh Huda.

Almost 500 patients from all over the country participated in this event. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were given away to the winners in each event.

This event truly showcased the fact that dialysis patients can do things that otherwise healthy people can do!

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