Online Shopping Taking over Offline Shopping

Online Shopping Taking over Offline Shopping

Personally speaking, shopping has always been fun. It is like a therapy, an escape to a dream world from all the stress and work related tension. You start imagining yourself in those beautiful outfits, be it Deepika Padukone’s saree from Badtameez Dil or a gorgeous Cinderella gown, there are days when we want them all. Not only young girls but even teenage boys and young men are fond of shopping. The checkered shirt, denim jeans, white sneakers or even a tuxedo, even for men, shopping is a merry activity. Let’s not forget about whenever there is a sale at Zara or H&M, we rush to the nearest store with our friends to buy our dream attire, which was a little bit out of our pocket money budget. But since last few months or maybe a year, stepping outside your residence is forbidden due to the deadly coronavirus. This is when online shopping sites kick in, which is being considered the most convenient option these days.

People are usually in favour of online shopping as it saves both time and money. There are multiple number of options available on online stores and one can buy them just by sitting at home. It saves the extra charges one could have faced while travelling. You don’t even have to wait for any particular type of sale because there is always a discount offer going on, on these shopping websites. Be Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa or any such website, they are very keen in keeping their customers happy and satisfied with their products. Even if the customer isn’t satisfied, the returning of the product is super easy and one has to not even travel for it. Where online stores are earning well these days, on the other hand, offline stores are struggling to keep up in the sales market. Not only the clothing line but even the food stalls had to struggle a lot in the beginning of first lockdown in the city.

In 2020, a food stall went viral on social media with the name of ‘Baba ka Dhaba’. There was a short video uploaded on Instagram where a really old man was seen weeping, he explained that every morning he and his wife set up a food stall in one of the streets of Malviya Nagar, which is southern part of Delhi. He complained how their income has dropped down to almost nil due to lockdown restrictions. The old man was seen sharing his struggle that he has been facing. Social media used its power and many people circulated that video as much as they could. Within a day, that video was all over social media. That very evening, many youngsters who reside in the nearby locality, visited that food stall to contribute in the old couple’s income. The next day, another video went viral of the same couple, where a large amount of crowd was visible surrounding the ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ food stall. This is power of social media; it can do wonders when used by the right people for the right reasons. Many clothing websites take help of such social media platform to promote their brand.

The pandemic brought a pinch of boredom on the side along with the lockdown. Ordering something or the other while sitting at home and such scrolling through those skin care products and beauty products has now somewhat become a routine. Buying skin care products has also topped the list when it comes to self-care.

Speaking of self-care, let’s not forget about the Nykaa summer super saver sale that is going on right now. So to all the ladies, and even men, do not miss this opportunity to pamper yourself with self-care products. Through such kind of sales, online shopping sites keep winning everyone’s heart. No wonder it has the talk of the town lately. But while online shopping, also be careful from the credit card frauds and all those online payment con artists. We all must have heard many fraud online payment stories, where customers not only lost thousands but lakhs of their income which they earned by working hard for years and years.

That why, I always go for the ‘cash on delivery’ option whenever I buy something online. One needs to be aware of all sorts of information before facing any sorts of uncertain consequences.

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