Regret or Relief: Can Money Buy Happiness?

Regret or Relief: Can Money Buy Happiness?

We all must have heard the phase which says “money cannot buy you happiness” but for some people, happiness is all about money. The phrase does not exactly mean that one cannot buy happiness or the materialistic things that make them happy; it means that some people still do feel miserable and lonely even after owning all of the wealth in the world. One needs to be happy from within in order to enjoy the luxurious life they can afford. Some people are unhappy even after earning well due to personal issues and reasons, yet some people tend to find happiness in the smallest of the things and are satisfied in what they can barely afford. Money is precious, it should be valued, but happiness should be valued more. We often get ourselves involved in this rat race of earning well; we get obsessed with the idea of becoming hefty rich and forget to enjoy the mere essence of life.

We all know at least one person who has every luxury a common man can hardly afford, like a business man, a broker, a property dealer or even industrialists. We all have seen people working in management positions like CEOs, who don’t get enough time to spend with their families. Some of them don’t even get the chance to enjoy the facilities they have been working so hard to afford. Almost everyone has seen the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara which was released in 2011. The movie resolves around three childhood friends Arjun, Imran and Kabir, who take a bachelor’s trip to Spain before Arjun’s wedding. The roles were played by Hritik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol, respectively. The trip turns into a memorable journey where they learn about life, broken bonds, unresolved issues between them and they even learn to face their biggest fears with each other’s help. The trio is accompanied halfway through their trip by a diving instructor with the name of Laila, which is portrayed by none other than, Katrina Kaif. After a tiring yet excited day where all of them celebrate and enjoy The Tomatina Festival, they decide to take an evening walk in the local streets of Spain. There was a scene in the movie where both Laila and Arjun have a heart to heart conversation about the aspects of life. Amidst their evening walk down those lanes in Spain, there was a discussion between the two where Arjun says that money has been the inky solution to every problem in his life, to which Laila responds saying that true happiness in life resides in the small things or incidents which we often tend to overlook. She asks him to enjoy life at its fullest and to seize the day. We all must have our post retirement plans but are we sure that we live that long in order to experience them? One should have plans for future but should also enjoy the present, as it won’t return once it is gone.

The moments of life are fading under the hopes and expectations of a better life. Chase is obviously in the direction of money because we are all lost souls. Let’s just pause the race and take a break and live. Do what? Nothing; that’s the point. We shouldn’t value money above peace and happiness. Spending so much time on chasing materialistic things will only grow your list by the time you will be able to buy the first item on the list. That’s a journey that you will definitely end but the life is not about reaching the desired ending, it is rather about living the breaks. Those moments are nothing but beautiful and worth all the time and attention. Money is not a constant pleasure, but our loved ones are. We should value whatever life sends us our way, instead of not appreciating it just because we desire of something bigger and greater. We all get what we deserve, what is destined for us. But we do can change our destiny by working harder. We can change our lifestyle if we work hard and thrive. Nothing in this world is impossible if deep down in our hearts we truly want to achieve it. If we have faith in ourselves no matter what people say, the nothing in this world can stop us from becoming who we want to be.

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