Retirement- A New Beginning of Dream

Retirement- A New Beginning of Dream

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Retirement is one of the biggest events of one’s life. When are you retiring? What are your plans for retirement? How will you keep yourself busy? What will be the first you will do after retirement? How will you accomplish all your dreams that you dropped for your job? How are you going to manage your finances after retirement? These questions often bounce back in our heads because they are inevitable. There are a handful of things to do while answering these questions. From investing in LIPs to buying a guaranteed pension plan – people do it all to sail securely after retirement.

Whether you’re retiring early or traditionally as practiced through centuries – it’s bound to bring a significant change in your life. The idea of not going to work or chasing the same life you’ve been for decades is comforting. Without a doubt, retirement is one life event that is anticipated by millions of people around the world. It’s a time when people can finally live a different life; pursue hobbies, travel and what not! However, you will need to have the right financial planning that enables your dream life after retirement.

It’s true we all have a passion or two, a hobby that keeps us awake and gives us a relief like nothing else. However, seldom do we find time to pursue it during our working years. Once you retire, you have all the time in the world to pursue your passion. It’s never too late to pursue your hobbies and live your life on your own terms. As now, all the responsibilities are fulfilled and the entire time is yours.

If you don’t have a hobby or a passion for something other than your work by the time you retire, well there’s always room for one. You can draw, paint, learn music, indulge yourself in wildlife photography while travelling, or plant a home garden and a lot more. And ARISE will provide you the correct platform for it. We will not only provide you the training but will also showcase the artwork through exhibitions and auctions.

You will need two things – a passion/hobby and enough funds to make it happen after your retirement. Remember, hobbies can be expensive. So, if pursuing a hobby is what you want to do after retirement – it is what we are here for. ARISE provides facilities and training programs through which you can easily pursue your hobby by learning different activities and also earn money for your living. ARISE is an NGO and a sister concern of Global Nexus – corporate event management company in delhi.

Some folks cannot just quit working or are ambitious beyond belief. If you think you fall into this group, you can still work after you retire. Yes, it’s ironical but, think of it as a part-time business. You don’t have to work all day long, just enough to keep yourself on your toes.

You can pursue business interests, become a venture capitalist even if you don’t have enough money or you want to enhance your skills then ARISE will help you in turning your personal interests or hobbies into a money-making gig. Fetching a regular income after retirement will ease out your life in plenty of ways and other than that you will have a daily routine which will keep you updated with the fast moving world. When coupled with money from a guaranteed pension plan, a business can enable your retirement goals but it will not provide you the training or a path to keep working on.

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