Saving the Event: Connecting

Saving the Event: Connecting

A very important aspect of the corporate world is its connecting with new people in different fields from the industry.

With digitalization, talking to people and starting the conversation’s essential is no more a physical interaction but just a smart device and social presence. This community of friends that you build comes in handy during chaotic situations and can actually help you a lot.

Recently, a summit was to be organized at a college. It required an all-tech and business-oriented theme, to welcome an environment where potential graduates can connect, find opportunities and seek guidance. Under the highlights was the ‘talk’ sessions, which is actually a very good opportunity to start a talk with the professionals invited at the occasion and further resolve queries to related topics which may help one establish a good relation with that individual. 

The event promised a total of 6 talks. Although the resource people who were to be present at the event for line up talks and discussions were decided before-handed, it was our responsibility to look over the present numbers and status of the event.

The whole situation became difficult when one of these people decided to cut us off last minute.

He didn’t show up and didn’t even notify till the morning of the event. With a claim of having the line up of such talks all over the posters and flexes, the itinerary, all distributed and uploaded, it was a very harsh situation.

Being ready with contingency to prevent such situations is always recommended, but here particularly monetary support was not he solution. Bringing a new person and convincing them to fly to the location on such a short notice was near to impossible. In such hurry and downfall, often the concentration is diverted to fixing the problem rather than the ongoing business around.

On the other hand, as the time begun to approach, we also had to hold a good excuse for unavailability of the speaker everyone was expecting which pretty sure was even unclear on our side of public.

This was when my previous connections came to our rescue. The person who was quite a friend of mine, from the last event that attended to the time I connected with him on LinkedIn, has been talking to me, put up a post with a nearby location.

I set a time for an urgent call, talked directly (which shows the surety on my part) and was all upfront about the ongoing situation. A little request and trust worthy tone made our day and my friend was no less than a ‘superman without a cape’ for us.

The day was saved by our Connections. Shows your own presence in the industry and also other linking industries. Now, this friend was not from the similar business but actually into business analytics field, mentoring students and young entrepreneurs.

For any help and end moment stress relieve, it’s our very own people which help. Everyone is present there to help whatever is in their control. Social entrepreneurs are working for a cause over business, actually professing themselves as a campus, seek to help out.

Similarly, in another situation to get a validation from a particular type of organization, it took me just few messages to get a pass on the ’travel and wait in line task’.

The whole chaos created a huge mess and stress for all, but at the end of the day it was a successful show with the same numbers of promised speakers and interactive area which were the two important units. Participation was huge and we surely were relief after finding an alternative to what was going to happen.

Go as creative as you go in the theme and combination’s discussions. Run your mind and find the best solution with less capital and expected returns. But here again, databases’ familiarity  is a very important factor.

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