School Pass Outs Strive for College Life

School Pass Outs Strive for College Life

How many times has it happened that you had planned out a particular activity, that you make sure to experience it in a particular way but there is always an uninvited reason that comes up to invalidate the plan. It feels like every power and force in the universe is against us. School pass-out students must be going through a similar feeling since past few months. Since we were toddlers, we were taught that patience is the virtue, but lately even the strongest minds are running out of patience. We all have come a long way in this lockdown, we never thought we’d survive this isolation, but we did! Most of us lost our loved ones to coronavirus yet stayed strong like never before, we should never underestimate how mentally strong we are. In schools we are made to learn on how to be nice to others, how to be polite. School life is said to be one of our best days of our life. Getting up early in the morning was to be easier back then when we didn’t have make our own breakfast and lunch, the days when there use to be at least two to three family members around us in order to get us ready on time. Being a kindergarten student, we had the least to worry about. Primary school was all fun and games, filled with several types of activities. Even the teachers use to teach us about the poems along with music. Those were truly the golden days of our life. Then came the middle school, which brought a little bit of responsibilities with it. A phase where we learned how to fight back and how to deal with bullies. A time, where some of us became a little too mature due to some traumatic experiences. Senior school happened to be a much easier ride as compared to middle school.

We kept most of our focus and concentration towards the syllabus and were dedicated to score good marks, in order to get into our dream college. We grew up along with time and our school life passed by in a blink of an eye. Thanks to Bollywood, we all had this dreamy image of a fun college like a Dharma production movie. It has been years since the movie ‘Student of the Year’ was released yet we till date imagine ourselves into the lives of those actors who portrayed the roles of some rich spoiled brats. The fancy cars, the expensive outfits, we wish we had them all. Speaking of college life, how can we not mention the iconic ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ which remains a blockbuster till this very day. Movies have always been an escape from real life. A life, which has been about nothing but competition. Competition to get good marks in school, competition to get into good college, competition to get a stable job and so on… Students devote their most precious years to their studies so that they can score well in board exams. Immediately after board exams, every student looks forward to get an experience of college life. Lately, due to Covid, students have not been getting this gracious opportunity.

Lockdown and this global pandemic played a huge role to crush down many dreams. School pass-outs are striving to get into their dream college. Many even got the admission in the desired college and adored course but are not allowed to enter the college premises due to lockdown rules and regulations. Admissions have been through online procedures. Forms were being filled, fees was discussed, seats were booked; everything was online. Where the college seniors are having their daily lectures through zoom meetings, some freshers even had orientation day through the very same zoom meetings. Students lost the very chance of going to college as the covid cases are rising day by day and the condition is getting worse.

I know many friends of mine who have been attending their fresher’s party through online video calling, yes you read it right. Many first year college students took to their social media account to portray their talent. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are being loaded with content these days. Students are sharing their dance videos, singing videos, their paintings, travel vlogs, food vlogs, etc. Social media is yet again playing a vital role in giving these students a voice, a platform to showcase their talent! They are not able to leave their home because of the lockdown but thankfully, have access to the internet. We as students have already lost so much; from our loved ones to our academic years. School periods and college lectures have been taking place online since past one year. This global pandemic has not only affected our physical health but also our mental health, maybe more than ever.

All I suggest to our readers is, to not to leave your home in desire of experiencing college life. Nothing is more important than your well being. It is a crucial time and we all have stay strong. There is always a better tomorrow and things will get better. Just be patient and have faith. To all the freshers who are reading this right, there is still a whole lot of college life left for you to enjoy, don’t give up yet. Just stay focused and make to take care of yourselves and your close ones.

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