Teamwork and Spirit

Teamwork and Spirit

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What is team teamwork? Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a team to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Teamwork is present in any context, the level of teamwork and interdependence can vary from low, to intermediate, to high, depending on the amount of communication, interaction, and collaboration present between team members. Global Nexus is a team of co-operated and co-ordinated team members. When you are on site you face many problems related to different fields but our team faces them all as a whole. It’s easy for employees in one section of the company to forget the importance of other sections. But when you are working as a team you should always focus on the vision and mission of the company with self satisfaction.

In addition to practical components required for efficient teamwork, there are certain characteristics that members of the team must have in order to produce effective teamwork. Firstly, there must be a high level of interdependence among team members, a characteristic that stems from open communication and the increase of trust and risk-taking. Through interdependence come the group dynamics, which are the ways in which team members interact with each other. Sharing leadership positions between team members enhances teamwork due to the feeling of shared responsibility and accountability. Team effectiveness and chemistry may also be linked to personality types. Depending on personality types, teams may be more or less efficient.

Have you even noticed a group of ants at work? If you have, then you are surely going to agree with me that we can learn quite a lot from their behaviors about management, planning and above all teamwork. I once looked at about one hundred or more ants carrying a sugar cube. Compare the size of the sugar cube with that of a single ant. By itself the ant would never be able to move the sugar cube. A group of ants certainly would move it to the desired destination. As I looked, there was the sugar cube being carried aloft the back of the ants who had formed a circle beneath the cube. Their success, the realization of their goal was due to teamwork. Co-Operation was the way to success in the Kingdom of the ants. The load may have seemed heavy, the task daunting, but the energy and strength of the group brought success.

Teamwork does not come about by wishful thinking. For teamwork to emerge and for success to be achieved teams require managers. Among the ants, there must be a manager pointing the group in the right direction. Think of it, there must have been planning. Above all, the cube could not have been moved if each of the ants was not prepared to pull its weight, do what had to be done until the task was completed. Everything that we try to tell human beings about cooperation and teamwork leading to goal achievement is demonstrated by a tiny group of ants moving a large sugar cube. Again, just for a moment, think of the size of the sugar cube compared to that of a tiny black or red ant.

Nothing can be achieved in this world without teamwork, the unselfish and unconditional sharing of ones best skills and resources for the benefit of the community. If the animal and the insect world could instinctively cooperate to achieve, why can’t human beings who supposedly are of greater intelligence do likewise? The answer is in two words, greed and selfishness. Human Beings are yet to appreciate that they will be far better off working together rather than working alone. In all areas of life the competitive nature of man and the urge to be better than the other, to be more recognized, combine to negate the idea of teamwork which requires as fundamental values, selfishness and self sacrificing behaviors. If ever you have the opportunity to look at the ants moving an object, you will also see that when an ants gets tired it is replaced by another. For teams to be successful they must have a clear purpose. This means having a clear mission as an organization. More than this, the manager must ensure that the members of the team are aligned to the mission.

In Global Nexus as ants we all work together with each other and for each other. We manage to achieve our objectives and you expectations smoothly with the help of our highly co-ordinated, co-operative and visionary team members. Our team provides you the best service. As we the best event managing company in Delhi NRC.

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