The New career on the block – Event Management

The New career on the block – Event Management

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Event Management is the newest job exploration of the decade. Do you think that a decade back if anyone asked a prospective profession seeker what he/she wanted to become, the answer would ever be an event manager? No, it was always the stereotyped doctor, engineer or chartered accountant. The only event managers we knew were the most dynamic and energetic member of our family – the uncles and friends of uncles who had contacts to set up an event. A caterer would be finalized because an uncle or his friend had seen his services in a party which was hosted by someone they knew. A decorator would be hired because they were one of the most popular one in the said area. Weird by the then standard, but true! What happened next was something that happened in every other event. Maybe, the ‘event manager uncle’ had not foreseen the huge crowd that would ‘attack’ the dining area all at once. Or maybe he hadn’t foreseen that the ‘rasogullas’ would finish by the time less than half the guests had arrived. Chairs would be lesser than required or the number of plates anticipated were far few than ordered. It was always a juggle to manage things and would be a relief when the event ended, no matter how. Phew! That was how the ‘event manager uncle’ reacted when the ceremony would be over! That was then. A thing of the past.

With new standards of organizing a particular event, things started altering at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of relatives taking over. These are the days where one hires an event management company, cites his/her requirement and expectations and ‘Yay’ the work is done. From ‘Phew’ to ‘Yay’ is what Global Nexus is all about.

More and more people want to be a part of this organizing sector now. Boys/girls are opting for career options of either floating a company or being a part of it, like never before. With sudden upsurge in the requirement of an event management company, there are more people joining and surviving in this sector than thought of. It is now one of the most sought after jobs which is yet in its growing stage. Opportunities are never like before and are expected to rise with each quarter.

The event world is fast-paced, exciting and always full of surprises. It’s not everyone who has the knack for detailed planning, high level multitasking during events and finally executing the plans to perfection. Unseen challenges, problem-solving techniques during chaotic moments and hurdle removing ability are what makes an event business successful. Creating meaningful relationships with clients and possessing innate skills to satisfy their requirements is not as easy as it seems. There are lot of background work that needs to be accomplished to see what is view-able.

The best part about being in this business is that it is far from being monotonous. Every day is new, fresh with new work and requires novel ways and ideas to satiate the customer. So if you think a job could be boring, doing the same thing day after day and year after year; think differently. This could spice up your life, in more ways than one (pun intended). If you love interacting with people, if you can sniff out problems before they actually happens, if you love to create unique ideas, if you don’t mind having an intense time (sometimes); this is for you. Whatever the pros and cons, the feeling of accomplishment after a great event is priceless, so much so that it gives a real high! The next time you say you are or want to be an event manager, there won’t be any raised eyebrows by the relatives; expect a hug and warm congratulations!

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