The Quirky Side to an Event

The Quirky Side to an Event

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Have you wondered why after attending a particular event, you feel more joyous than compared to others? Why it did not feel the usual drabby style of just eating and meeting. Maybe because of the Emcee. It is the wit, the charm, the magic of the Emcee that binds a spell to the guests. A fun way of citing things, cracking meaningful jokes at the right time and have an engaging conversation with the group. The fun and quirky element to an event makes more of an impact, creating a longer impression. Words are the best tools. A good choice of words to relate a topic injects some laughter in the audience which certainly spruces up the event.

Themes aren’t just about styling together. They can be utilized judiciously to create a fun ambience which although lessens the formal atmosphere, nevertheless gets the attendees more involved and mingling. An interactive event theme sparks conversation among attendees and makes it more enjoyable. Some perky question and answer session between the Emcee and the participants makes the atmosphere light. Few corporate games are also good ways to judge people’s creativity and thought process. So if they are a client’s demand, it is a good way to incorporate them in the event schedule.

The need of the hour of the corporate world is to make their meetings perceive, to the point with a flair for casual atmosphere. Different kind of props used also make events an enjoyable success. The props could be funky eyewear, colorful wigs, hats and capes or the like. After all, it isn’t a boardroom discussion which requires crispiness in the air. A little out of the box thinking unwinds the executions and adds a glint of friendly touch. Informal chats over drinks and beverages also helps build a sturdy team. So it’s not all fun and no work. It’s a healthy dosage of both and more.

The common misconception is that making events interesting and fun attracts from the gravitas of the event or would only appeal to a younger demographic. But it is also important to remember that ways to lighten the mood by adding sprinkle of entertainment is always appreciated. Having secret and hidden surprises are fun, low-cost options for keeping guests entertained and also adds a mystery element. Grouping of attendees and making them play games or engage them in a competition offers unique fun element and gain some traction. An extempore one-liners by the attendees to involve them in the event can make them compete against each other in order to win a prize, also comes as a stress buster.

Events, whether social or corporate are a routine affair. To add spark and spruce it up is what makes it different. We at Global Nexus – one of the best event management companies in India – specialize in hosting such events. By understanding each nerve of the client, we ensure you a smooth hassle-free event which is going to be talk of the town and remembered for years to come. So if you are out there looking for an event organizing company or delegation management company in delhi ncr,  which is exclusive and unique, which is a class by itself; you know where to knock!!

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