Top 7 Reasons Why Working in an Event Company is Best

Top 7 Reasons Why Working in an Event Company is Best


1-  WOW Factor! – Although there were number of wow events for Global Nexus but Jashn-e-Rekhta was one very WOW event. This huge celebration explores many elements through poetry, prose, drama, art, cinema, cultural performances, mushairas, panel discussion, exhibition and many more.

It’s a unique way of celebrating Urdu’s inimitable beauty, its soul-stirring cadence and its lyrical splendor. Prominent poets, artists, novelists, litterateurs, journalists, lyricists from India and across the world were here to attend and participate in this festival. Prominent names attended the festival, including Annu Kapoor, Prashoon joshi, Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Surabh Shukla, Hans Raj Hans, Prem Chopra, Shrmila Tagore, Zakir Khan, Gulzaar, Javed Siddhiqui and many more .


2- Creativity – One does not need to be M. F. Hussain creative. That is not the kind of creativity event is looking for. Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity involves two processes: thinking then producing. Innovation is the production or implementation of an idea. If you have ideas, but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.



3 – Shared Passion– Events are something in which you will meet people who share the same amount of energy and passion for events. Though handling a single event could be very hectic. Meeting deadlines, satisfying clients, planning events, execution of the events is not the kind of work which you could enjoy but when you sit and watch your event to be a success that is what is worth every single effort. And meeting the same kinds makes event management the best.


Shared Passions

4 – Meeting New People– There are so many jobs where you go daily to your office and see the same faces and come back home along with the same. But here at event you have new clients/vendors/proposed sponsors daily. Some are fun some are boring and some are difficult to deal.



5- Out of the Box Thinking – There are jobs out there which might require the left hemisphere or the right hemisphere of the brain. Event management requires both. You need to be creative as well as logical.


Out of the box thinking

6- Memorable Experiences – It involves new venues, people, concept, photos, videos, celebrities, artists etc. You take a part of each event along with you.


Memorable experiences

7- Not the same monotonous work – Not everyday you’ll have the same work. You have a new to-do-list each day. It’s quite fun not to have the same boring work day after day that you engrave it so well that you start mumbling even in your dreams.


Monotonous Work

By: Varsha Yadav

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