Tricks for Event Organisers

Tricks for Event Organisers

All the stages of organising an event and making it a success take a lot of work. Here are some tips coming your way to help you out and make the process more fun.

You know your main focus is the audience. Everything, from the theme to main goal of the setting revolves around them.

Hence it is very important to ANALYSE THE AUDIENCE.

From estimation of footfall to nature of attendees, the whole analysis adds up to the planning out further steps. The way an audience is to be captured and the addressing-content must be relevant and engaging for the particular crowd. Become familiar with the kind of database you are dealing with beforehand.

Have you ever been to an auction? It is obviously not like any yard sale but a professional kind of event. The brief at the opening of event is short as the event is all about the punctuality. A similar kind of wave is maintained throughout the session. Small talks keeping the audience engaged help in maintaining little pauses for intermission but doesn’t break the flow.

What goes when and where, when you have a basic idea and sketching the skeletal structure of the very thing is necessary to avoid last moment drops. Here, STRATEGIC PLANNING comes into play.

For formulating the formal itinerary, the event line up must be co-dependent, according to the nature of individual events.

a.  Budgeting phase comes next. After you have a rough idea to work upon you need estimated capital to be invested according to the scale of event. Budgeting on different basis and dividing the funds percentage wise in the very beginning is actually a better alternative to writing down fixed numbers. Also, keeping in mind about the slip downs that may happen during the event and it’s planning, some emergency percentage must be retained to cover the damages.

b.  Contingency plays a very important role in damage control that we were taking about. Idealistic planning set aside, one must be prepared for any adverse condition to avoid any panic and uncontrolled situation. A plan B does no harm to anyone!

c.  Safety planning and precautions are a major factor deciding the number of eminent personalities that show up at your event. Any carelessness in this domain can take your market from a 100 to 0 immediately, effecting the brand as a whole to be clear.

d.  Here comes the last step of connecting dots. Now you take up meeting to spread the word and involve people as a team to work for the already presented plan. Also, never hesitate in taking second opinions and suggestions from others working towards same cause or with past experience of similar kind.

Make it exciting. Maintaining team work and dedication towards work for long is as difficult as concentrating for a considerate period. TEAM MANAGEMENT and its aspects are what makes it better and helps you improve with time.

Mid-event organising work, small team activities and fun time is much relevant and important to maintain useful output. Letting fellow mates to take over for a day and letting them give their inputs makes them feel a part of the event as an important entity.

‘Innovative Thinking’ only happens in a creative and healthy environment.

“To satisfy the potential attendees, the ones working towards the event, must feel good about it, enough to pitch the event with all their true hearts and interest.”

Take accountability of work as a manager of the team, rather than bossing around. Give them credit and communicate to resolve any internal issues or difficulties faced by anyone. Caring about everyone working around you is very important for them to take you seriously and completing the tasks in hand.

Whatsoever happens stick to the clear PURPOSE.

Never deviate from the actual goal of event. The theme and work must be focused around a single point. You must remember to incorporate the similar essence to every part of the event and showing your partners the idea clearly. It is also linked to the kind of event associates and sponsors that you must approach.

Nowadays, there are mentors that guide the organisers in the field to which the whole agenda is related. They help in navigating the way through technical and informative difficulties faced and also help forming a strong stand for showcasing the seriousness of an event. They often become the marketing face and help grow the reachability towards legitimate crowd.

Such setups must not be limited to the final purpose only but also have SHORT TERM GOALS of its own.  While the main purpose still holds the upper tier on the priority list, but maintaining some smaller ‘smart’ goals are very important. Figuring out the different ways in which the event can change, find opportunities to benefit from, as an organisation as well as personally.

Many live and rage events are a great way to advertise your brand to grab many more customers. Concerts and events, if well organised, often have crowd that takes your reviews to another level and help you fight the hard competition out there.

Create a public poll, for say, to gather feedback on your event.

Take creative ideas from people themselves for future references. Connect with useful people and never forget to capture the success of the event/campaign that you build by clicking photographs and through videography, keep factual log for documentation purposes. Try using social media to publicise the event and getting more eyes to watch, trend the event with small activities and extending involvement through social media handles which is very helpful in increasing social media growth.

Use hashtags, live stream and posting after movies are a few examples out of the big list of many innovative ways of marketing.

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