Village Weddings – The latest trend

Village Weddings – The latest trend

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It is said that everything comes back to a full circle. Weddings in India were not a lavish affair a couple of generations back. It used to be a traditional Indian village affair with food cooked mostly by the women of the household, relatives and neighbours. Songs and dances to the tunes of dholak were sung by these very women and girls each night making it a grand celebration. It used to be with more of personalized touch with almost every invitee well acquainted with the bride / groom. It was a time of laughter, giggles, gossips, food and merry – making. Set in the backdrop of vast expanse of cultivated fields, under the blue sky, it was a nature loving paradise.

The modern times have seen a dramatic change. Weddings are now synonymous to Brands, status symbols, expensive gifts, a regal ambience. People have forgotten the real essence of weddings. It’s more of ‘Who wore what? Who gifted what?’

Now, things have come full circle back to the original stance. People are enamoured of the beauty that villages have to offer. They love the smell of the soil, the cows and cattle, the chirping of different birds and the clean air to breathe. No sounds of traffic, no blazing of horns and no inhaling of smog induced air. More and more people are attracted towards the living style of a village and its laidback charm. This has paved way for more couples wanting to experience traditional Indian Village Wedding. Fresh food being cooked the old fashioned way on the earthen pots over self generated makeshift fireplace has the aroma and taste that even the best of hotels fail to provide. It’s the ambience and the serenity of the landscape that makes everyone fall in love with the place. For couples, it is the perfect romantic getaway wedding with fun, food, venue and everything so unique and enchanting. Rides on buggies and bullock carts which are a way in villages, becomes the highlight for people coming from larger towns / cities.

Farms in Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are fast becoming haute destination wedding venues. For couple who love a unique wedding theme for themselves are curious to find out more about such weddings and are opting out for them in huge numbers. It gives them a closer peek into what and how their forefathers must have lived all their lives. For them the rustic look, the conventional ways are the greatest high point to go with the idea. Women churning milk to get fresh butter which is applied on the fresh chapattis baked on kitchen fire to be served to the guests’ proves to be an amazing sight and great on taste buds too. Freshly plucked vegetables from the farm being sliced and cooked send delicious signals to the nostrils and palate. It is the aroma of everything fresh that lures one to fall in love with such wedding theme. The venue is mostly a tent shaped structure with thatched roof, standing on bamboos decorated with colourful fabric and fresh aromatic farm flowers. Everything to be used is sourced from the village itself garnering a kind of raw flavour to the whole set up. It’s being in harmony with nature along with tranquillity and calmness that is hard to find elsewhere.

The unsophisticated countryside is suddenly back in demand to host weddings. Simple, homely stuff are now in huge demand. Rustic wooden tables are suddenly the loveliest dining points. Rough and crude decorations are enchanting and preferable over hotel weddings / palace weddings. The ordinary is suddenly much above the extraordinary.

If you are going to get hitched sometimes in near future and find such ideas thought provoking, all you have to is get a nice wedding planner in India to chalk it out well for you. Get in touch with us and let the style ethos you get meet your wishes.

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