Virtual Events during Pandemic

Virtual Events during Pandemic

The stretch of shutdown has been a big rundown on the events industry. As the people around the globe sit inside waiting for all this to end, organizations are exhausted of delaying the pending items on their agenda and don’t want the essential work to be held back anymore.

As different industries are coming together to make things run and bring the best that they can from this quarantine situation, everyone is looking up to the online web services and cloud facilities.

Hosts and Audience

As everyone is inside their home, people are finding ways to make it a productive time. They all are exploring the net for any upcoming event they can attend and engage while sitting on their couch. Use these factors to your advantage, engage people through advertising at most visited online platforms. Binge watching at entertainment website is a guilty pleasure, where people can be targeted for gaining knowledge through your online event. They are also most visited websites which help you capture a bigger crowd.

Equally, the industries’ resource people are also under lockdown and hence can be invited and pitched easily to join the event and maybe give a talk or host a conference.

Registrations and Invites

With everything being online even before the pandemic, registration is not a big problem during this time. If you had no time to switch to online booking and registration, you can start with an open source software to make yourself comfortable.

Bookwhen prides itself on “slashing your admin time.” It strives for that by providing a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that can have you logged in and setting up an event page in minutes.

Brushfire provides a “powerful sales and management tool alongside outstanding service and support to give you the very best event management tool.”Users have the flexibility to control pricing, fees, advertising, and communication for their event.

Remember to keep certain things in mind while thinking of marketing the event online. Keep yourself in attendees’ shoes. The patience level of a general person is quite reduced online and due to repetitiveness of random advertisements on various sites, the user often has an impulsive approach of skipping it. Make it simple, appealing and full of excitement. Keeping it short and informative enough will help you increase engagement.

Online database management requires a little familiarising and prerequisite experience with such a software. But keeping the logs and information on cloud would be the best way of preserving your hard work for future reference during this time. It also helps you manage registration process in a hassle-freeway.

Konfeo is an online event registration software which enables you to quickly create an event, customize registration form and sell tickets or seats.

The Signup Place A fully functional online signup sheet system with many features: groups, tables, different reminders, scheduling, and much more.

Plan the event

There are some basic goals that you want to meet when taking any event online:

• Flexible and Customizable Registration
• Automated Event Confirmation & Email Communication
• Virtual Event Simulating Physical Event
• Comprehensive Reporting on an Event Platform

Create Virtual Networking space, providing an event space where each speaker or audience can have deep chat regarding specific topics. Having individual rooms or tables for business meet-up or discussion groups besides the main stage. Creating private rooms for group discussions and having break rooms is also a part of the same concept.

Design Virtual booths and expo area, help the companies in building their own place and in making it visually appealing. Make them record their pitch and introduction along with a basic information brochure which can be downloaded by those who are interested in their product or services they provide.

Organise Webinars, speaker or panellists sharing on specific topics which audiences are aiming for market insight or contents that they are interested in. Chatting, Q&A or polling features allow speaker-audience interaction and exchanging opinions. Let them have the control of the flow of their discussion while you provide assistance if they get stuck or anything happens. Have instant stage floor connection and a prepared itinerary for it to function smoothly.

Having easy tabs like Event reception, Event talks, Event expos, Event booths and Event networking and customizing them according to your need can also be very helpful and also easy to get along for the attendees.

Virtual Events are very common and easy to organise nowadays. Fortnite had announced its virtual concert with Travis Scott, playing with their ongoing theme of Astronomical adventures through his album Astro world.

The strong marketing by Rubrik for their Forward digital summit on well-known platforms like Youtube  was quite engaging for online event like theirs’s.

Come up with a compelling environment, similar to that of simulation virtual world games. Keep it interactive and easy to navigate through.

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