Why Corporate Events are Different

Why Corporate Events are Different

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In the industry there is variety of events. Amongst all, corporate event is well known. A corporate event can be defined as a gathering that is sponsored by a business for its employees, business partners or clients. These events can be for larger audiences such as conventions or smaller events like conferences, meetings or holiday parties.  A corporate event also contributes to increased productivity and lead generation.

The events industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to business breakfast meetings. Many industries, charitable organizations and interest groups hold events in order to market themselves, build business relationships, raise money and/or celebrate achievement.

Event Management Planning

‘Event Management Planning’ (EMP) is vital for any successful event. EMP is a document that establishes how all the distinct moving parts will be put together to make an event a great success and result in your event being safe and enjoyable.

Types of Corporate Events

  1. Meetings
  2. Incentive Travel
  3. Conferences
  4. Exhibitions
  5. Seminars
  6. Team Building Events
  7. Trade shows
  8. Business Dinners
  9. Golf Events
  10. Press Conferences
  11. Product Launches
  12. Theme Parties
  13. Awards Ceremonies

Importance of Planning

The process of planning and coordinating the event is usually referred to as event planning, which can include budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering, coordinating with third party vendors, and emergency plans.These are important points you should  keep in mind .

Planning an event or conference is never easy. An  corporate event management company can make your event impactful.  The process can be long and often, a little bumpy as planners attempt to balance brand and sponsor interests, attendees must-haves and other high-value integrations. All of this is part for the course when you’re an event professional — it’s part of the good, the bad and the ugly of organizing successful programming, no matter how long you’ve been in business.

And when you need a little pick-me-up? Check out these great quotes from industry pros and, even, experts in all things planning. No doubt these reminders will inspire you even on your toughest days.

“Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” – Albert Einstein

Is there anything more critical to an event planner’s process than planning, planning and planning some more? Having big ideas is great, but they’re nothing without rolling your sleeves up and getting down to the actual planning that goes into any big event or program. And, at the end of the day, that’s everything.

Planning and preparation

Effective planning and preparation is the key to the success of an event. There are numerous elements involved in planning and preparation.

  1. Purpose of the event
  2. Timing and  location of the event
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Promotion and publicity
  5. Event check list
  6. Finance and budget
  7. Approvals & legal requirements
  8. Implimentation and evalution
  9. The organizing committee


1. Events, meetings and other activities are very effective communication tools.
This means they are very positive both in advertising the company’s products and services to actual and potential customers and other companies in the sector, and in launching internal information campaigns and strengthening ties between the employees themselves. This helps to create or build connection among the employees.

They help to build interpersonal relationships. Company events provide a great opportunity to network or widen our network of contacts and to meet customers, colleagues and other professionals in persons

2.  They help to motivate and improve working mood. Few activities may be as effective in motivating employees and helping them regain their strength or fight the stress caused by daily working routine. A conference or meeting combine work and play in an attractive setting. This offers company’s employees the opportunity to know each other personally and only as workmates. The possibilities are endless.

3.  They reward achievements and recognize success. The organization of a special dinner or party may provide an ideal context for the collective recognition, appreciation and celebration of specific successes and objectives achieved by a professional, a team or the whole company.

4.  They promote business and sales. From a quantitative perspective, the main benefit of these events is that they permit sales to be increased and business to be done due to the strength of the contacts made and their promotional effect. Despite the rise of new technologies and the virtual environment, face-to-face interaction remains one of the most effective ways to get new customers and close sales agreements.

Organizing a profitable and effective event is no easy task, since it is necessary to consider and inter-relate very diverse factors: technical and human resource issues, compliance with the budget, definition of objectives, etc.


1. Costly. Cost is totally dependent on location, client’s demand, duration and quality of the corporate events. They generally cost a lot of money as compared to other modes of promotions.

2. Effort Requirement. Organizing a corporate event takes a lot of work of the managing committee. When you organize corporate events, you need proper planning and hard work. For corporate event you have to give 200% instead of 100%. Sometimes it is difficult for the management to pullout time for planning and execution of an event.

3. Criticism. Arranging a corporate event is very challenging task. During tough economic times it might just earn you criticism for lavish spending.

# So, we can say corporate events have both , advantages and disadvantages; however, in my opinion Events are very effective ways of promoting, however, and the caution is Proper Planning so that we get ‘Value for Money’ from each and every Rupee spent.

#  So, we can say corporate events have both , advantages  and disadvantages; however, in my opinion Events are very effective ways of promoting, however, and the caution is Proper Planning so that we get ‘Value for Money’ from each and every Rupee spent.


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